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About Intradae

Started in 2018 by two friends who always wanted to change the world by their creative mind.

They wanted to create a platform where an individual's skills was respected.They decided to change the trading market by fusing a pinch of virtuality in it. A stock market of no brokerage fees, no market crash situation risk and cut off values of share price.A place where the technology changed the stock market working model. And this is how INTRADAE was born.

What We Do

Understand and acknowledge

In Intradae you will learn new things related to stock market which will boost your knowledge and earning in stock market.

Explore your skill

Now explore your skill in every portion of stock market to increase your profit. Just analyse your estimation and go with it.


Earning in our platform is good for an user as you don't need to pay any brokerage fees and careful estimation leads you to win in market crash situation also.

Our Values

  1. Respect the Customer:- We at intradae always believe in customer satisfaction. It's because of you people only what we are today. We always strive to serve you our best. Respect the king and kingdom will flourish of its own.
  2. Customer is King:- your suggestion is most important element in our success. In our platform we respect our users complaints and suggestions and provide them with the best solution.
  3. We focus when no one else did:- At intradae we focus on that section of trading at which users we're not able to make profit such as Penny stocks. By giving no brokerage fees your are sure of earning you make without parting it for any fees.
  4. Easy to use:- With multilingual app and how to play video we make sure our users don't face any problems in using our intradae app.We also provide customer assistance to help our users in the best way possible.Making things simple is our motto rather than living it complex
  5. Time is money:- We respect our users time and understand that time is the most important asset in every individual's life. In Intradae it takes less than 2 minutes to take part in virtual trading and become our valuable customer.

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