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Intradae is a platform where people can gain knowledge in stock market also can use knowledge and skill to earn money on daily basis by playing on Intradae.
We have set up certain rules. Prediction's who are closer or nearest to the actual result are on the top. In case of ties between multiple predictions(where there are 2or more same predictions), the one who predicted first gets the benefit and follows same down the order.
There will be different contest which will be provided by us. The contest are created from the companies who are registered in NSE or BSE. User have to predict the ending amount of the current day of individual company(s) whose contest they are interested to join into. User can predict as many time as they want but each time it will cost them the entry fees. There's time limit to join any contest from 9:00Am-2:30PM. User cannot join any contest once the deadline passes i.e 2:30PM.
Pick a contest you want to play into. There will be wide variety of contest from which you can choose. Once you have successfully joined the contest with your prediction(s), you can let the time play its game. If you end up wining, you earn real money. Its that simple.
You can play on our mobile application(android). We are working on our IOS application and will launch it soon. User can play any contest within the given time frame on our mobile application.
When the user sign up for the first time on Intradae, they get 100₹ from Intradae which can only be used to play(which can't be withdrawal) and get familiar with Intradae. Once you want to withdrawal money, 100 rupees will be deducted from the withdrawal money which was initially provided by Intradae at first time.
Intradae have/has/had any hand on any individual winning or losing. Intradae team and management doesn't participate on any of the contest which are provided on Intradae mobile application. Individual rank depends upon the knowledge they have on particular contest and on stock market.
You can contact us at .................... . Will try to respond within 12 working hours. Every suggestion and queries are taken under seriously note and try our best to respond with the most suitable way.
You can recharge your intradae wallet in Intradae mobile application. You can click on the wallet sign which will guide you to your wallet history. You can see an option to recharge your wallet as well as to withdraw from your wallet. For withdrawing, a request is made of the amount you want to withdrawal. Once your request is approved within 7 working days, the request amount will be transferred on your ewallet/bank.
Yes, at initial stage, there is minimum withdrawal limit which is of 100₹. In coming time, there will be no minimum withdrawal limit.

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